Erin M


Facility Manager

Graduating from Oak Park (Go Oakies!), Erin decided to join Antioch in June of 2001 as our Facility Manager. She loves being able to educate clients – to Erin, it is very important to make sure they have all the knowledge possible, so their pet is happy and healthy. Erin also loves being able to see each patient throughout their puppy/kitten lifetime with Antioch. Being there for the clients’ ups and downs with their furry friend, new or old, is what makes her job so important, along with being able to help, love, and nurture patients back to good health.  

Erin loves working for Antioch because of her co-workers and all the amazing patients – it feels like family. Working in veterinary medicine has so many superheroes – each team member takes care of animals that can’t speak for themselves and say what is wrong, so it is a challenge every day to figure out the issue, and that takes talent and strength! 

Erin’s hobbies include bowling, dancing, and crafting – even if she’s not the best at it! She loves spending time with her friends and family, which includes her husband Sergio, two sons Alejandro and Cruz, and five pets – One Lhasa Apso named Ellie Maye, and four cats: Sookie, Penelope, Pip, and Clover.