Lead Veterinary Technician

After finding little job satisfaction working at Target, Johanna decided it was time to find a new career path. Her mom suggested applying to Antioch, but after a mishap with her phone, she missed her initial interview and decided to call back. And we’re so glad she did! Since 2015, Johanna has been nothing but happy working at Antioch as a registered vet tech! Graduating from Maple Woods Veterinary Tech, Johanna applies her skills, knowledge, and positivity every day to ensure every pet gets the best care possible.

Johanna is a true animal person – working as a lead veterinary technician, she loves being able to see happy and healthy pets each day and help to be the voice for them; dog kisses and cat rubs absolutely make her day! At Antioch, everyone wants the absolute best for every pet, and working with true animal lovers and being able to connect with them on a daily basis is why Johanna loves working at Antioch.

When Johanna isn’t at the clinic, she takes on many hobbies, including video games (mostly Dungeons & Dragons), painting, and baking.  She has four cats – Phantom, her emotional support cat, Stark, who loves cuddles, Jiji, her first foster cat, and Tifa, the youngest kitty. Johanna also enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Shawn.